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Business Law Services

Corporate Governance

InSource Law’s corporate governance lawyers have the experience needed to effectively guide our clients in best practices and effective risk management strategy. Our business law attorneys can assist in commercial regulation, shareholder communication, legal compliance, internal processes, and more.


Getting to “yes” can be a tricky business. Memorializing the deal in writing can be even trickier. InSource Law’s forte is transactions and we pride ourselves on the quality of our commercial documents. Our experienced counsel can serve as point man or advise from behind the scenes in commercial transactions.

Mergers & Acquisitions

InSource Law has your back when it comes to acquiring ownership of other business entities or creating a seamless merger. InSource Law’s mergers and acquisitions attorneys work closely with the client’s strategic management team in ensuring legal compliance, preparing transactional documents, and executing the transaction.

Formation of Nevada Business Entities

Nevada is a strategic location for forming a business entity. The ‘Silver State’ has no franchise tax, no corporate income taxes, and no state personal income tax. InSource Law can assist clients in Nevada, the United States, and globally in creating a Limited Liability Company (LLC), corporation, partnership, or other Nevada business structure. Once you’re up and running you will have InSource Law on tap to support you in all of your commercial endeavors.


When InSource drafts a contract we begin by assessing the strengths and weaknesses of everyone involved. We’re advocates, so when we write, its for the success of our clients. We seek the fair advantage.


Getting to yes can be a complicated and delicate process. InSource has experience in high value contract negotiations involving services and commodities. Knowledge of the parties and market conditions are key. We work closely with our client in calibrating our negotiation strategy.


InSource reviews important commercial agreements for risk factors by starting with key terms and expectations. Our candid approach will spot commercial issues and give your company clarity.


InSource can provide an on-site or remote contract administrator for all phases of contract administration. We have experience in the administration of high value lump sum, unit rate, and cost reimbursable contracts from pre-award to close out.


When the parties wish to perform differently than the way the contract was written, or add or remove obligations, get it in writing. InSource Law can quickly prepare written Contract Modifications to memorialize changes.


If you’re called into commercial arbitration, or wish to utilize it, InSource understands the game. These privatized tribunals can be fast and fair, or costly and unpredictable. We’re there to size it up and fight for your commercial interests. InSource’s A.D.R. Managing Attorney, Kevin Walsh, was trained in International Commercial Arbitration through the Charted Institute of Arbitrators.


InSource Law can provide a fair and neutral mediator with commercial experience to help resolve a dispute. We can also attend mediation as your advocate. InSource’s A.D.R. Managing Attorney, Kevin Walsh, holds a Practice Certificate in Mediation from the Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators, Australia. InSource Law uses the Harvard Model, a proven mediation method, to resolve conflict.


InSource Law’s litigation team has the advantage of flexibility. We work as closely as possible with our client, often at their corporate office where the relevant records are kept. This proximity gives InSource a better understanding of our client. We study our opponent and attack what is vulnerable.

Friendly, efficient, and empathetic, the quality of our personal service matches the quality of our living trusts

Who We Are

InSource Law, based in Reno, is part of the global trend away from big law firm culture and cost.

We eliminate the overheads and billable hours of traditional law firms by physically working at your business, alongside your team, as temporary inhouse counsel.

InSource Lawyers can also deliver corporate legal services off-site, or through a combined on-site and off-site schedule.

Legal fees and assignment schedules are predetermined, meaning your business can accurately forecast legal costs.

InSource Law’s fees are never increased without a written fee agreement modification signed by the client.

InSource Lawyers get a better work-life balance by avoiding the law firm culture. Client’s pay less for a more personalized service. Both enjoy a better attorney-client relationship.

InSource Law’s business model is patterned after a trend first taking hold in Australia, the U.K., Singapore, and Germany. Now virtual law offices and lawyer secondments are emerging in major U.S. cities as the more effective alternative to traditional law firms.

As the first law firm of this type in Nevada, InSource Law is breathing new life into the legal profession for both lawyers and their clients.

InSource Law is a Nevada Limited Liability Company engaged in business law and regulated by the State Bar of Nevada. Kevin Walsh, Nevada State Bar # 6160, established InSource Law in 2018 and is responsible for the contents of this website (read Our Story).

These are the values that govern everything we do:

Fluidity – We change to meet the conditions of our environment. At InSource Law we are not rigid in our thinking. We look for better ways of doing things. InSource Law conforms to the shape of our client’s needs.
Ethics – Ethics should not be primarily driven by professional rules of conduct or consumer protection laws. We believe ethics must be driven from within the organization. Good ethics arise from a sense of empathy and fairness to others.
Support – InSource Law values a culture of support. We support our clients as much as we support our lawyers. We provide them both with knowledge and resources to do great work and grow and prosper as businesses and people. We also promote a work-life balance for InSource Lawyers.
Efficiency –The legal climate is changing in the era of virtual offices and fast paced business. Clients demand more. InSource Law was designed for efficiency. We provide in-house advantages over traditional brick and mortar law firms.
Ability – Legal work is generally complex and challenging. Ability only comes with education and experience. We have both and continuously endeavor to improve our abilities through continuing education and learning opportunities.
Contribution – InSource Law seeks to contribute to the legal profession by pioneering better ways of helping clients achieve their business goals while giving the lawyer a better work-life balance.

Our Services

InSource Law offers an alternative to big law firm mill culture by providing on-site (in house) and off-site corporate legal services.
Legal fees and assignment duration are fixed so our business clients can accurately forecast and control legal costs.
Some assignments may combine in-house and off-site services depending on scope of work.


  • An InSource Lawyer works alongside our Client’s project team, at their corporate offices, as in-house counsel. This practice, first developed in England, is called “secondment.”
  • InSource Law gives the client business the advantages of in-house counsel while avoiding the cost of out-sourcing legal work. Without overheads or billable hours, in-house legal counsel is affordable.
  • Case management and administrative functions are performed by the InSource Virtual Headquarters. MAP
  • The assignment is temporary and continues so long as needed.
  • InSource Lawyers are flexible and can perform a wide range of legal work not otherwise possible when outsourcing to a traditional law firm.
  • Fees are for block time in daily, monthly, or weekly units.
  • Legal fees are predictable, and a bill will never be more than forecasted without the written Fee Agreement Modification signed by the client.
  • Fee arrangements are confidential.


  • An InSource Lawyer works offsite at a suitably equipped office.
  • Case management and administrative functions are performed by the InSource Virtual Headquarters MAP
  • Legal services are closely tailored to meet client’s needs.
  • Overheads of brick and mortar law firms are eliminated.
  • Legal counsel works closely with client’s staff. Offsite lawyers travel to client’s business when necessary, costs to client.
  • Lump sum, unit, and rate fees are negotiable.
  • Legal fees are predictable, and a bill will never be more than forecasted without the written Fee Agreement Modification signed by the client.
  • Fee arrangements are confidential.

Advantages of In-house Legal Services:

  • Cost Legal services are delivered to the client for a fraction of the cost. Clients do not want to pay for a law firm’s overheads. InSource Law has eliminated many costs of the traditional brick and mortar law firm by embedding lawyers in client businesses.
  • Communication Clients often complain they rarely see their lawyer in person and the lawyer does not always return their calls. This detachment puts the company and lawyer at risk of making mistakes and is a great source of frustration and anxiety for the client’s project team.
  • Access to Critical Information Business issues are complex matters. When attorneys work off-site in the confines of a law-firm, they never get the full picture. Important documents and issues are often overlooked when a business out-source to law firms. By insourcing a lawyer, you give your company the advantage of in-house counsel with a more comprehensive understanding of legal matters and client needs.
  • Risk Management Traditional law firms are usually consulted only after a risk becomes a serious problem. Yet lawyers are trained to spot potential business risks, manage existing ones, and can design systems and procedures that reduce risk. A lawyer’s ability to help your business manage risk is maximized when embedded in your business.
  • Extra Capacity When your business opportunities and demands exceed your company’s capabilities InSource Law is on call to give you extra resources to meet demands.
  • Transparency When your team works alongside a lawyer the client knows how the lawyers time is spent. There should never be any questions concerning time when you insource.
  • Legal Service Cost Forecasting Clients don’t like sitting in a boardroom wondering how much a lawyer’s attendance at a meeting is going to cost them. Clients are billed for legal services at a set rate at weekly or monthly intervals. This allows companies to properly forecast and budget for legal expenses.
  • Trust When a lawyer is insourced he or she becomes part of your in-house team. The lawyer is more personally engaged in creating the outcome sought by your project team. Trustworthy relationships are easier to forge with an in-house lawyer who understands and appreciates the project team, their mission, and their personal commitment.
  • Cover Employee Gaps & Absences InSource Law can provide a powerful solution to employee gaps and absences. Operations can continue more seamlessly when staff are absent or when positions are temporarily vacant.
  • Synergy Synergy is the interaction and cooperation of two or more organizations resulting in accomplishments that are greater than would be possible if the organizations worked separately. Synergy generated between lawyer and client requires proximity that cannot be fully achieved when out-sourcing legal work.

Our Story

InSource Law was launched in 2018 to provide in-house legal counsel advantages to businesses while giving the lawyer a better work-life balance. InSource’s founder, Kevin Walsh, did not want another brick and mortar law firm with associates churning out billable hours. He had spent the first half of his career working in, and later owning, a law office in Carson City. After gaining insights while working as a lawyer in Australia, Kevin returned to America to do something different.

During that early 10-year period with a traditional law practice Walsh lived with the fact that the more a practice spends on office overheads the more the lawyer must charge clients in the form of billable hours. His work-life balance tipped fully toward work. Before becoming a lawyer, Kevin was an outdoor recreation enthusiast. By now he was a solo practitioner working billable hours without any vacations. Kevin decided he had to do something to get his life back in balance.

After forcing himself away from the office for a short vacation in Australia, he began dreaming of what life would be like down under. Later that year he returned to Australia for a second look. That’s when he decided to make the move. Walsh wound-up the brick and mortar law practice he had inherited from his father and bought a one-way ticket to Perth, Western Australia.

After landing in Perth, Kevin immediately enrolled at the University of Notre Dame, Australia, to complete a legal practice bridging qualification. One year from his arrival in Perth he took his oath as solicitor and received his license to practice law in Australia.

Kevin spent the remainder of his time in Australia working in the natural resource industry as a contracts specialist on major oil and gas, gold, and iron ore projects during the Australian natural resource boom.

This is where he noticed something new emerging in Australian, British, and Singaporean legal markets – the delivery of legal services through the “secondment” of lawyers in businesses. Secondment refers to a temporary arrangement between two organizations whereby a person from one organization is embedded in the other organization to work for as long as required at a fixed price.

The advantages of insourcing legal services over outsourcing to a brick and mortar law firm are numerous. Among these are cost control and synergy. Kevin also saw advantages for the attorney. Many top rated Australian lawyers were opting out of traditional law firm mills in favor of a more satisfying work experience with exciting job assignments. Alternative practice models, made possible through digital innovation, are giving legal practitioners a better work-life balance.

As the Australian resource boom began cooling off Walsh started developing a business plan for an American law office based on the emerging global trend he had discovered in Australia. By now he realized it is possible to deliver high quality legal services without unnecessary overheads. Based on the Australian secondment model, Walsh designed a virtual law office with lawyers working on-site at the client’s business or from virtual off-site offices. Administrative functions are handled through the InSource Virtual Headquarters in Reno. MAP

Secondment in the law is taking hold in the United States. Legal service providers are beginning to model strategic attorney-client relationships in Australia, the U.K., Germany, and Singapore. These strategic alliances are becoming visible in major U.S. cities, most notably in New York and San Francisco. InSource Law is pioneering the way in Nevada for the next generation of legal services.


Kevin Walsh

University of Nevada Reno 1992
Gonzaga University School of Law 1995
State Bar of Nevada 1997
Western Australia Role of Solicitors 2010



1 E. Liberty St. Suite 600
Reno, Nevada 89501



T: 775.502.6119
F: 775.201.4843

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