The Pour-Over Will is an essential element of your Living Trust. If you have a Living Trust why do you need a Will? All of your property that can be titled in the name of a person or entity, such as cars and real estate, can be put in your trust by naming the trust as owner on the title. All of your property which cannot be titled, or property with titles that you forget
A trust can be used to hold a family business for the benefit of your children. This is a great way of protecting their future stake in the enterprise, especially if they’re not old enough to manage it for themselves. The income can be used for your minor or adult children after you and your spouse have passed away. If your family business is owned by you and your spouse, and you place it in
You probably know someone facing crippling medical bills. Maybe you, or your family, have recently incurred bills for treatment that seem way too high. Over charging and wrongful denial of insurance benefits is a far more common occurrence than most people realize. So are human errors in a complex system of medical codes and insurance benefits. When you pay for dinner at a restaurant you probably look over the bill for accuracy. We don’t want