The supreme art of war is to subdue your adversary without ever firing a shot. When it comes to family matters this principle is golden. Litigation involving family member betrayal can get messy. It’s painful to learn a family member has breached their fiduciary duties as trustee by favoring themselves over other beneficiaries. If war can be avoided, war must be avoided. To that end war is best avoided by preparing for it. As my
Anyone raising children should have a living trust. A Living Trust can be used to name the children’s guardian if you die prematurely. Also, parents can provide for their minor children’s maintenance through a Trust. You can choose a person you trust to be the Trustee. This person oversees the money used for the support, education, health, and welfare of your kids. Avoiding the cost, delay, and public scrutiny of probate are only some of
Estate planning needs vary from family to family and there are many sources that can help with your family’s succession planning. Always seek advice from a qualified attorney to determine what the elements of your trust should be included to meet your family’s specific situation.  Below are some basic elements to look for when considering the source of your living trust. This is not an exhaustive list and needs will vary among families. You can