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How We Charge

  • Flat Fees - Flat Fee Agreements are used whenever possible.
  • Ongoing Projects- Long term projects may be billed pursuant to a day or weekly rate.
  • No Surprises- We put the full cost of legal fees in writing and obtain the client’s consent before work ever commences. We never charge more than the agreed price. By avoiding the unpredictable billable hour approach accurate legal cost forecasting is possible.

How We Work

  • Business Services - For business matters we deliver legal services from our downtown Reno office or a satellite office. We refer to these services as “off-site services” because they do not occur at our client’s corporate offices.
  • On-site business services - InSource Law provides an alternative to traditional law firm culture by offering “on-site” (aka in-house) legal services.  An InSource Lawyer works alongside our client’s project team, at their corporate offices, as in-house counsel. This practice, first developed in the U.K., is called “secondment.”

On-site Advantages - These are some advantages of using InSource’s on-site legal services:

  • Cost Control  Legal fees and assignment duration are fixed so our business clients can accurately forecast and control legal costs. InSource Law gives the client business the advantages of in-house counsel while avoiding the cost of out-sourcing legal work. The assignment is temporary and continues as long as needed. You can avoid the cost and commitment of hiring permeant inhouse legal counsel.
  • Communication  Clients often complain they rarely see their lawyer in person and the lawyer does not always return their calls. This detachment puts the company and lawyer at risk of making mistakes and is a great source of frustration and anxiety for the client’s project team.
  • Access to Critical Information     Business issues are complex matters. When attorneys work off-site in the confines of a law-firm, they never get the full picture. Important documents and issues are often overlooked when a business out-source to law firms. By insourcing a lawyer, you give your company the advantage of in-house counsel with a more comprehensive understanding of legal matters and client needs.
  • Risk Management  Traditional law firms are usually consulted only after a risk becomes a serious problem. Yet lawyers are trained to spot potential business risks, manage existing ones, and can design systems and procedures that reduce risk. A lawyer’s ability to help your business manage risk is maximized when embedded in your business.
  • Extra Capacity     When your business opportunities and demands exceed your company’s capabilities InSource Law is on call to give you extra resources to meet demands.
  • Transparency     When your team works alongside a lawyer the client knows how the lawyers time is spent.  There should never be any questions concerning time when you insource.
  • Legal Service Cost Forecasting  Clients don’t like sitting in a boardroom wondering how much a lawyer’s attendance at a meeting is going to cost them. Clients are billed for legal services at a set rate at weekly or monthly intervals.  This allows companies to properly forecast and budget for legal expenses.
  • Trust     When a lawyer is insourced, he or she becomes part of your in-house team. The lawyer is more personally engaged in creating the outcome sought by your business.  Trustworthy relationships are easier to forge with an in-house lawyer who understands and appreciates the project team, their mission, and their personal commitment.
  • Cover Employee Gaps & Absences   InSource Law can provide a powerful solution to employee gaps and absences. Operations can continue seamlessly when staff are absent or when positions are temporarily vacant.
  • Synergy    Synergy is the interaction and cooperation of two or more organizations resulting in accomplishments that are greater than would be possible if the organizations worked separately.  Synergy generated between lawyer and client requires proximity that cannot be fully achieved when out-sourcing legal work.

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