Our Story

InSource Law was launched in 2018 to provide in-house legal counsel advantages to businesses while giving the lawyer a better work-life balance. InSource’s founder, Kevin Walsh, did not want another brick and mortar law firm with associates churning out billable hours. He had spent the first half of his career working in, and later owning, a law office in Carson City. After gaining insights while working as a lawyer in Australia, Kevin returned to America to do something different.

During that early 10-year period with a traditional law practice Walsh lived with the fact that the more a practice spends on office overheads the more the lawyer must charge clients in the form of billable hours. His work-life balance tipped fully toward work. Before becoming a lawyer, Kevin was an outdoor recreation enthusiast. By now he was a solo practitioner working billable hours without any vacations. Kevin decided he had to do something to get his life back in balance.

After forcing himself away from the office for a short vacation in Australia, he began dreaming of what life would be like down under. Later that year he returned to Australia for a second look. That’s when he decided to make the move. Walsh wound-up the brick and mortar law practice he had inherited from his father and bought a one-way ticket to Perth, Western Australia.

After landing in Perth, Kevin immediately enrolled at the University of Notre Dame, Australia, to complete a legal practice bridging qualification. One year from his arrival in Perth he took his oath as solicitor and received his license to practice law in Australia.

Kevin spent the remainder of his time in Australia working in the natural resource industry as a contracts specialist on major oil and gas, gold, and iron ore projects during the Australian natural resource boom.

This is where he noticed something new emerging in Australian, British, and Singaporean legal markets – the delivery of legal services through the “secondment” of lawyers in businesses. Secondment refers to a temporary arrangement between two organizations whereby a person from one organization is embedded in the other organization to work for as long as required at a fixed price.

The advantages of insourcing legal services over outsourcing to a brick and mortar law firm are numerous. Among these are cost control and synergy. Kevin also saw advantages for the attorney. Many top rated Australian lawyers were opting out of traditional law firm mills in favor of a more satisfying work experience with exciting job assignments. Alternative practice models, made possible through digital innovation, are giving legal practitioners a better work-life balance.

As the Australian resource boom began cooling off Walsh started developing a business plan for an American law office based on the emerging global trend he had discovered in Australia. By now he realized it is possible to deliver high quality legal services without unnecessary overheads. Based on the Australian secondment model, Walsh designed a virtual law office with lawyers working on-site at the client’s business or from virtual off-site offices. Administrative functions are handled through the InSource Virtual Headquarters in Reno. MAP

Secondment in the law is taking hold in the United States. Legal service providers are beginning to model strategic attorney-client relationships in Australia, the U.K., Germany, and Singapore. These strategic alliances are becoming visible in major U.S. cities, most notably in New York and San Francisco. InSource Law is pioneering the way in Nevada for the next generation of legal services.


Kevin Walsh

University of Nevada Reno 1992
Gonzaga University School of Law 1995
State Bar of Nevada 1997
Western Australia Role of Solicitors 2010

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