Practice Areas

Corporate Governance | Transactions | Mergers & Acquisitions | Formation of Nevada Business Entities | Drafting | Negotiation | Review | Administration | Modifications | Mediation | Arbitration | Litigation

Corporate Governance

InSource Law’s corporate governance lawyers have the experience needed to effectively guide our clients in best practices and effective risk management strategy. Our business law attorneys can assist in commercial regulation, shareholder communication, legal compliance, internal processes, and more.


Getting to “yes” can be a tricky business. Memorializing the deal in writing can be even trickier. InSource Law’s forte is transactions and we pride ourselves on the quality of our commercial documents. Our experienced counsel can serve as point man or advise from behind the scenes in commercial transactions.

Mergers & Acquisitions

InSource Law has your back when it comes to acquiring ownership of other business entities or creating a seamless merger. InSource Law’s mergers and acquisitions attorneys work closely with the client’s strategic management team in ensuring legal compliance, preparing transactional documents, and executing the transaction.

Formation of Nevada Business Entities

Nevada is a strategic location for forming a business entity. The ‘Silver State’ has no franchise tax, no corporate income taxes, and no state personal income tax. InSource Law can assist clients in Nevada, the United States, and globally in creating a Limited Liability Company (LLC), corporation, partnership, or other Nevada business structure. Once you’re up and running you will have InSource Law on tap to support you in all of your commercial endeavors.


When InSource drafts a contract we begin by assessing the strengths and weaknesses of everyone involved. We’re advocates, so when we write, its for the success of our clients. We seek the fair advantage.


Getting to yes can be a complicated and delicate process. InSource has experience in high value contract negotiations involving services and commodities. Knowledge of the parties and market conditions are key. We work closely with our client in calibrating our negotiation strategy.


InSource reviews important commercial agreements for risk factors by starting with key terms and expectations. Our candid approach will spot commercial issues and give your company clarity.


InSource can provide an on-site or remote contract administrator for all phases of contract administration. We have experience in the administration of high value lump sum, unit rate, and cost reimbursable contracts from pre-award to close out.


When the parties wish to perform differently than the way the contract was written, or add or remove obligations, get it in writing. InSource Law can quickly prepare written Contract Modifications to memorialize changes.


If you’re called into commercial arbitration, or wish to utilize it, InSource understands the game. These privatized tribunals can be fast and fair, or costly and unpredictable. We’re there to size it up and fight for your commercial interests. InSource’s A.D.R. Managing Attorney, Kevin Walsh, was trained in International Commercial Arbitration through the Charted Institute of Arbitrators.


InSource Law can provide a fair and neutral mediator with commercial experience to help resolve a dispute. We can also attend mediation as your advocate. InSource’s A.D.R. Managing Attorney, Kevin Walsh, holds a Practice Certificate in Mediation from the Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators, Australia. InSource Law uses the Harvard Model, a proven mediation method, to resolve conflict.


InSource Law’s litigation team has the advantage of flexibility. We work as closely as possible with our client, often at their corporate office where the relevant records are kept. This proximity gives InSource a better understanding of our client. We study our opponent and attack what is vulnerable.