Who We Are

InSource Law is a Nevada law practice providing corporate legal services and estate planning. We distinguish ourselves by our experience, flexibility, and emphasis on an effective attorney-client relationship.

To become an InSource Lawyer an attorney must have at least 10 or more years of experience in their practice area and be a Nevada licensed attorney in good standing. All InSource Lawyers have been carefully vetted for ethics, attitude, and ability. This is accomplished through a three-phase interview process and three or more reference checks. No InSource Lawyer has ever faced any disciplinary action by any State Bar. Managing Attorney, Kevin Walsh, Esq., joined the State Bar of Nevada more than 20 years ago.

The InSource Law business model was designed around the attorney-client relationship. Our Business Law Division works closely with corporate clients and can even deliver personalized legal services with an attorney working alongside your team, at your corporate offices. Our corporate clients also meet with us at our Reno legal district location in a spacious conference room also equipped for video meetings.

Similarly, our Living Trust Source attorneys are always willing to travel to our clients. We go to homes, hospitals, and hospice care facilities whenever asked. Our legal district office is also easily accessible for clients with physical limitations.

InSource Law’s Litigation Division handles business and family estate disputes. All Litigation Division attorneys have trial experience and are seasoned litigators. We also participate in alternative methods of dispute resolution including arbitration and mediation.

These are the values that govern everything we do:

  • Fluidity– We change to meet the conditions of our environment. At InSource Law we are not rigid in our thinking. We look for better ways of doing things. InSource Law adapts to the shape of our client’s needs.
  • Ethics Ethics should be driven by more than professional rules of conduct and consumer protection laws. We believe sound ethics should be engrained in the culture of the organization. Great ethics arise from a sense of empathy and fairness to others.
  • Support– InSource Law values a culture of support. We support our clients as much as we support our lawyers. We provide them both with knowledge and resources to do great work, grow, and prosper. We also promote a work-life balance.
  • Efficiency – InSource Law is designed for efficiency of time, cost, and energy. Our approach to billing eliminates the risk of receiving unexpected exorbitant bills for services rendered by the hour. We forecast fees and use flat fees when possible.
  • Ability– Legal work is complex and challenging.  Ability only comes with education and experience. We have both and continuously endeavor to improve our capabilities.
  • Contribution – InSource Law seeks to contribute something positive to the legal profession by pioneering better ways of helping clients achieve their business and estate planning goals while giving the lawyer a better life and work experience.

Call InSource Law to learn how we can help you achieve your business and estate planning goals.


InSource Law is a Nevada limited liability company regulated by the State Bar of Nevada. Kevin P. Walsh, Esq., SBN # 6160, is the Managing Attorney responsible for the contents of this website.

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