Who We Are

InSource Law, based in Reno, is part of the global trend away from big law firm culture and cost.

We eliminate the overheads and billable hours of traditional law firms by physically working at your business, alongside your team, as temporary inhouse counsel.

InSource Lawyers can also deliver corporate legal services off-site, or through a combined on-site and off-site schedule.

Legal fees and assignment schedules are predetermined, meaning your business can accurately forecast legal costs.

InSource Law’s fees are never increased without a written fee agreement modification signed by the client.

InSource Lawyers get a better work-life balance by avoiding the law firm culture. Client’s pay less for a more personalized service. Both enjoy a better attorney-client relationship.

InSource Law’s business model is patterned after a trend first taking hold in Australia, the U.K., Singapore, and Germany. Now virtual law offices and lawyer secondments are emerging in major U.S. cities as the more effective alternative to traditional law firms.

As the first law firm of this type in Nevada, InSource Law is breathing new life into the legal profession for both lawyers and their clients.

InSource Law is a Nevada Limited Liability Company engaged in business law and regulated by the State Bar of Nevada. Kevin Walsh, Nevada State Bar # 6160, established InSource Law in 2018 and is responsible for the contents of this website (read Our Story).

These are the values that govern everything we do:

Fluidity – We change to meet the conditions of our environment. At InSource Law we are not rigid in our thinking. We look for better ways of doing things. InSource Law conforms to the shape of our client’s needs.
Ethics – Ethics should not be primarily driven by professional rules of conduct or consumer protection laws. We believe ethics must be driven from within the organization. Good ethics arise from a sense of empathy and fairness to others.
Support – InSource Law values a culture of support. We support our clients as much as we support our lawyers. We provide them both with knowledge and resources to do great work and grow and prosper as businesses and people. We also promote a work-life balance for InSource Lawyers.
Efficiency –The legal climate is changing in the era of virtual offices and fast paced business. Clients demand more. InSource Law was designed for efficiency. We provide in-house advantages over traditional brick and mortar law firms.
Ability – Legal work is generally complex and challenging. Ability only comes with education and experience. We have both and continuously endeavor to improve our abilities through continuing education and learning opportunities.
Contribution – InSource Law seeks to contribute to the legal profession by pioneering better ways of helping clients achieve their business goals while giving the lawyer a better work-life balance.

Living Trust Source by InSource Law LLC

Friendly, efficient, and empathetic, the quality of our personal service matches the quality of our living trusts